Bestie PPE in Halal First for COVID-19 Testing

Halal Regulatory Commission - Halal certified COVID-19 Test

Bestie PPE is delighted to announce that we are officially suppliers of the only Halal certified COVID-19 test kit in the world.

Our Rapid Lateral Flow Testing Kits from Newgene Bioengineering are now the only Halal certified COVID-19 Testing Kit available. The certification followed calls from the Muslim community to provide more acceptable testing products.

Here’s what the Halal Regulatory Commission announced in their press release:

The Halal Regulatory Commission is proud to announce that, in the fight against COVID-19, we are the first in the world to certify as halal a COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit manufactured by NewGene Bioengineering and distributed globally by Bestie UK Ltd.”

Inshallah this should eliminate all reluctance from Muslim consumers to utilise this kit a test for COVID-19.”

Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq – Head of Halal Regulatory Commission

The kit, which is a lateral flow test kit, has a number of additional advantages: a market leading 98% accuracy; individual vials of fluid; four ways of testing for the convenience of the user, with results in less than 15 minutes; and is not only halal but also suitable for vegetarians. 

The Head of the Halal Regulatory Commission, Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq, said: 

“We regard this as an essential element in the fight against this disease and it can now be used with the surety that is halal certified” thereby giving the Muslim community further assurance.  

Mr Griffiths, the Managing Director of Bestie UK Ltd based in Wales stated:

“It has been a pleasure working with the Halal Regulatory Commission and Mr Naved Syed to gain this ground breaking halal certification.  The commission have made the process for myself and our suppliers as simple and as efficient as possible. 

The certification should give the Muslim consumer confidence to be able to use the Newgene test kit and, in so doing, ensure that they and those that they come into contact with, in their workplace, Mosque, school or home, are able to protect themselves against this horrendous, life-threatening virus, whilst still carrying out the activities which are so important to them and their communities in everyday life.” 

Jamie Griffiths – Bestie PPE

The Muslim community has been particularly hard hit, but I am hoping that our test kits, along with other measures now being seen, can go some way to restoring life to normal for this community.”

With 15 minute test results, the hope is these tests can allow the Mosque’s in the UK and across the world to participate in performing Tarweer in this year’s Ramadan and hopefully Hajj this year,  Inshallah”.

Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq – Head of the Halal Regulatory Commission

At Bestie PPE we are excited to be involved in this world-first for COVID Testing and pleased to be able to offer a product that is acceptable to the Muslim community with of our Halal certified COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test Kits

If you require Halal certified COVID-19 test kits for your business. Call us today and talk to a member of our friendly team on 0333 577 2261.