Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a lateral flow test?

Lateral flow tests are  one of the tools being used to help detect and fight COVID-19.  Lateral flow tests are self-administered swab tests that can detect the presence of the COVID-19 viral antigen. The test involves applying a swab to the throat and nose, or providing a sputum sample. Results can be seen in less within 15 minutes. The test does not require a laboratory to determine the results. These tests are for people who do not have any symptoms

What will I receive in the box?

•      25 foil pouches containing the test cartridge and a desiccant
•      25 Sealed vials with buffer solution
•      25 tube caps
•      25 sterilised throat/shallow nasal swabs for sample collection of throat and or shallow nasal
•      25 sterilised deep nasal swabs
•      25 pipettes
•      25 paper bags for sputum sample
•      1x manufacturer’s instructions for use of the device

Can you distribute to multiple sites?

Yes. We can distribute chosen quantities to specific sites at specific intervals. Ask your Account Manager for more details

How do you send testing kits?

We use Royal Mail Tracked Next Day Delivery. Order before 4pm to receive your order before 1pm the following day.

What is the specificity and sensitivity of the Newgene Antigen test?

Specificity 97.1%, Sensitivity 99%, Overall Accuracy is 98%.

How frequently should staff be tested?

Staff should ideally be tested twice weekly.

Should staff continue to be tested even if they have received a COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes. Current estimates are that the vaccine provides 75%-85% protection so it is advisable to continue testing all staff.

What happens if a member of staff receives a positive result?

The member of staff and their household should self-isolate as set out in government guidance:

What happens if my test is negative, but I have coronavirus symptoms?

If you have coronavirus symptoms but the lateral flow test says negative we advise a secondary lateral flow test to for confirmation, if still negative a PCR test is advised and self-isolation guidance should be followed.

Should the tests be kept in specific conditions?

Tests can be stored in typical warehouse conditions; they do not need refrigeration but should be kept out of direct sunlight and not be exposed to heat.