How Government supplied COVID tests are disrupting businesses more than they’re helping

How Government supplied COVID Tests are disrupting businesses more than they’re helping

The government are doing a great thing providing businesses with free testing kits for COVID-19. FACT. They’ve done a great job of making the tests available and can get them to businesses quickly.

So what is the issue?

The issue is within the contents of the package the government sends out. If we examine the contents of a box of government supplied tests we can see that there is 25 swabs and only 1 Colloidal Gold (Buffer Solution).  Once the buffer solution is opened it has a very short shelf life.  They are also deep nasal swab tests which are particularly invasive and near impossible to self-administer correctly. 

What does this mean?   

These tests cannot be performed simultaneously, or self-administered i.e give 25 tests to 25 people who all conduct at the same time so the exercise takes only 15 minutes. No, instead each test needs to be administered individually turning it into something of a 25*15 minute task for the administrators who are put at unnecessary risk having to come into close contact with multiple employees.

What other options are there?

To avoid long wait times and inefficient processes impacting your business, you can acquire tests that come with 25 sealed viles for 25 testing kits. This means kits can be provided to colleagues for self-administration and 25 tests (or more) can be conducted simultaneously in a single 15 minute period.  You can find more on those here:

Can you afford to lose more than 15 minutes to testing once or twice per week? 

15 minutes is enough for most businesses to stomach, but long waits to get tested before entering a site is frustrating for colleagues and non-productive for businesses who are already struggling with smaller workforces.

Bestie UK Ltd are an alternative supplier of the same type of home-testing kits supplied to NHS staff. They contain individually sealed viles and are much better suited to the needs of most businesses who require an efficient testing process.

Test and Trace

In order to use the government scheme, you will need to produce an audit trail and report testing results back to the government.  This means holding some very sensitive data you don’t really want in your business.

Not a lot of companies are keen on this idea as in the event an outbreak is detected, you can expect to welcome government inspectors into your businesses pretty quickly to look at how it may have happened.