Why it’s almost impossible to use a deep nasal swab correctly

Deep Nasal Swab

Have you ever had a COVID test at a testing site or one that’s been administered by a nurse or medical professional? 

If so, you’ll have no problem relating to this…

If you haven’t let me tell you one thing.  

They go very deep into your anterior nose and the term ‘nasal swab’ in my opinion is inaccurate as when done correctly, it feels more like a scraping sensation of some 5 full rotations. 

This in itself creates two little-known challenges for two sets of people.

For those who have never had a COVID test performed on them, they have no idea what it feels like to have a sufficient sample collected. 

On that basis most people go neither, deep, firm or thoroughly enough to collect a sufficient viral load to perform the test correctly.

For those who have had a test performed on them, it’s not a pleasant experience and certainly not something anyone would look forward to repeating. 

Would I collect that sample with the same vigour that the medical professionals did?  If I’m honest it’s unlikely, but that’s just me.

The reality is, for self-administration it’s not an attractive method to use.

Or an easy thing to do properly.  Furthermore, if you’re the test administrator in your company, using the government testing scheme, you’re going to be performing some highly undesirable deep nasal swabbing on your colleagues and could be put at significant risk by coming into close contact with them during the testing process before results are known. The recommended procedure for deep swabbing is to use the same swab down the throat and up the nose.

This takes us full circle

Back to a situation we discuss a lot: The government testing scheme.  And testing kits that that can’t be given out to staff and self-administered before, or on arrival at work, in general.  

The tests currently available to businesses under the government scheme require deep swabbing to collect viral loads.  

This aside, as great as the government scheme is in theory, in practice, it doesn’t work for a lot of businesses and it is causing unnecessary disruption to those that bear the costs in terms of man power and productivity.

So what’s my point?

My point is that being given the chance to perform the test in different, totally non-invasive ways would be preferrable to almost everyone.  

Better yet, being able to self-administer a non-invasive test myself would be optimal and not impact my daily activity.  

Everyone likes having a choice of how to do things… 

That’s why we supply the ONLY Lateral Flow COVID Testing Kits that can be performed in 4 different ways. 

Crucially, 2 of these methods are totally non-invasive:  sputum samples and shallow nasal swabs. 

Incidentally, these are actually the 2 most accurate ways of performing the test and both give results in just 15 minutes.

What should you do?

Contact us today to see what a privately run testing scheme might look like in your business. 

Spoiler alert:

It doesn’t cause any disruption to your business.

It doesn’t require test administrators,

It doesn’t require you to hold sensitive medical information on your employees or keep an audit trail

Bit it does keep your business, colleagues and customers safe so you can operate at your full potential.

Worth a thought perhaps?