About Us

Who Are Bestie PPE

Bestie UK Limited was incorporated in 2017.

The first few years of trading focussed on the sale of consumer products on the Amazon marketplace. We reacted quickly at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic by sourcing and delivering large quantities of vital PPE to many organisations. Our Amazon business continues to thrive and is now complemented by the provision and supply of highly accurate Covid-19 rapid testing kits and ancillary PPE equipment under the trading name Bestie PPE.

Our Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen tests will show in just 15 minutes whether the user has or does not have Covid-19.

Both of our tests are MHRA registered and BSI accredited.
Amongst our numerous customers we are particularly proud to be the chosen supplier of a number of elite sporting organisations.

We share our customers commitment to creating a safe workplace environment and have built a bespoke team of experts who embrace forward looking practices. Our experts provide advice, protection expertise and industry relevant insights to help our customers thrive and survive.

With the leading products and solutions in the market, Bestie PPE provides the resource required to help you meet your business challenges.

The Bestie PPE Way

Our innovative spirit drives our business forward and our mission remains the provision of the most effective, innovative solutions possible to ensure that our customers can provide a safe working environment.

At Bestie PPE we partner with your business, our priority is to use our expertise to keep your people safe.

If you need a clear voice to provide advice and direction, specifically for your business, from knowledgable experts, contact a member of our friendly team today. We can give you no obligation advice on how to run a testing scheme that protects your business and doesn’t affect your productivity.